Management Plus provides professional management of IT for small to mid-sized firms.
Whether design or implementation or management, the firm has a wide range of experience and expertise that permits us to provide our clients a solid, stable system that handles their current needs and will accommodate expansion as needed.
Stable and secure remote access, workflow analysis, application software evaluation and selection, system monitoring, and turn key management of your facility are all a part of the services offered by Management Plus.
With the importance and current day expectation of access to your firm’s data from anywhere, we quite often provide guidance in the selection of your data communication service provider (your ISP).This becomes of even more importance when branch offices are involved.

Flexibility and redundancy of your system are vital in maintaining accessibility to your data. To provide this functionality, we can design and implement your system with servers located locally or in remote sites.  Business Continuity plans, including backup and recovery of the firm’s data, can be designed and implemented in such a manner that local staff can be insulated from its intricacies. Server virtualization may also be used to facilitate very rapid recovery of failed or otherwise compromised systems.